Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Second day of London

Basically today I am almost had a full free day except for an open day at Kingston, which may I say for Graphic Design. Looks pretty good indeed.

I explored most of the day and managed to go into a count of 3 coffee shops because for most things I was inexplicably early or freezing cold, but I did actually make a slightly productive day from it.
I managed to gain 2 free sketch books, 50 pages of graduate work for inspiration and a typography help sheet (thing). So a good day all round.

Today I didn't really encounter any poverty or depression like I did the first day, mainly because I stayed within the Covent Gardens area.

Overall, quite a lovely day, but still freezing.

First days experience of London

Yesterday I embarked on what is known as the design capital of the UK, including actually being the Capital, London.
The first part of London that really both amazed me and terrified me is the level of poverty interchanged with the amount of deep pocketed business personnel's rushing everywhere whilst scrapping the shame of ignorance to the poor from their £2000 suit jacket.

When I arrived at Euston station I realized I was in the wrong place to catch the tube I needed to reach my Hostel so I had to take a maximum of a 10 minute walk to reach the correct tube station, on this journey I counted 5 homeless people in the brisk winter using nothing but fallen leaves as a Bed and just a thin jumper to insulate themselves. And it sickened me.

Although I am no angel as I did not stop to help I realized that this could very much become a topic for my recently photography brief of (De)construct(ion), making me think I can photograph the construction of society rather than the literal term of construction in buildings.

Off for my second day today and I'm exploring the more well kept areas but I highly doubt this is going to keep me awake from the crippling issues this city, like every other city has.
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