Friday, 14 February 2014

TV go home.

This past fortnight I was set the task to make a title sequence for a spoof TV show as created by the genius mind of Charlie Brooker. The show we were set was randomly selected from his early years comedy idea 'TV go home' (do not look for this if you have a sensitivity to profanity).

The TV show is called "Nil escape from Dreadtalk Planet" and the synopsis we were supplied reads:
"Chilling program in which insomniacs across the nation mutter their darkest late night fears into the telephone and have their accumulated paranoid whisperings broadcast live, accompanied by as-it-happens NASA footage of the Earth slowly turning, starkly alone in the nonsensical blackness."

I am pretty happy with what myself, Rachael and Amy produced, especially the acetate section despite the difficulties we ran into with it.
We were told that it didn't follow the synopsis enough as we didn't follow the ideas of the telephone and the idea of the earth being small and alone. We were also told that it looked very segmented and slightly rushed, but despite that I feel it was a very good attempt.


Thursday, 13 February 2014

I don't think you are ready

This is possibly the worst poster anyone ever made ever. Ever. Not kidding.
Sorry. I'm not sorry.

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