Monday, 31 March 2014

An update on thine zine!

After a crit this past Friday myself and James have decided that out Zine is to be 'drum roll please'...
A Fun Activity Book for Right Wing Politicians

We are going to make a satirical and fun activity book for the likes of Nigel Ferage and Nick Griffin, from their respective lovely discriminative parties.
The zine will feature a plethora of amazingly fun and discriminative activities!  

We haven't decided exactly what we are going to put in it as it's still early doors but as a hint we have had ideas of:
  • A crossword on what it is to be British, written completely in French
  • Spot the difference in the House of Commons
  • A dot to dot of Nick Griffin's face
  • Deface and scribble pages on images of left wing politicians
  • A maze to get to Parliament through the 'peasants'
  • The right route for the politicians money to avoid tax and safely reach Switzerland

I won't give everything away but that's a good idea of what it's likely to be like.
It will be heavy satirical be filled with illustrations, bright colours and most importantly FREEBIES!

Once again, I haven't any prices for you but if anyone is interested in purchasing one; I would love you forever!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Zine's are what all the kids are getting into now-a-days.

So this time has come round awfully quickly, and I'm on my final task for the year. (kind of don't want to break up for summer)
I have quite an elongated task for this final one; technically it's a four week task, which is double our usual allotted time but that also has a huge 3 week Easter holiday between it. Making this a grand-finale-mega-monster-brief of dooooooom!

For this task we have been told we are to make a zine, fanzine or artist book on whoever, whatever or whenever we like. The only real rule is that it has to be some for of book, and that you have to work in a pair.

I am working with James 'the side-burn badman' on this project and we are toying around with many ideas, but one of the firm favourites sits with records or something in that category as the devilish man got me into them recently and we are both hooked.
But we are looking at many other opportunities and pathways and have ideas ranging from music to beer; so it could pretty much go anywhere and everywhere depending on how adventurous we decide to be.

The main reason I'm posting this is because as part of the project the idea is to sell them and at minimum break even; so I was hoping being the lovely person you are you might be interested in purchasing a copy!

Prices are pretty much undecided until we've made the zine and figured out costs but if you like zines, please help us out!
We'll personalise or make a special version for anyone that puts their name down before costs are worked out (or if you ask nicely), but I doubt we'll charge any more than £5 per zine.

Thank you! We love ya'

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The analogies of Grillust - Peart 3

So this time it has changed, I've started collecting from not only Tony now, but the whole Grillust team;
This time introducing the 'Queen of TypeHRH Rhiannon.
I believe I quoted the resident 'Bearded Doodler' Dwayne the Illustration tutor

I have compiled a few gems, so I hope that you also enjoy them.

"You can't see wood for the trees" The Godfather

"You'll keep falling on your typographic knees, and one day you'll stand" HRH

"Not all horses run all courses" HRH

"It's like tiling - but without grout" The Godfather

"You have to decide which hat you are to wear when you are doing typography, whether that be the playful type hat or the ordered uniform hat" HRH

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hardcore Typography

For this project we were given two weeks in which to create a Typographic Poster, one being a square with a maximum size of 190mm x 190mm and the other a rectangle with a maximum of 250mm x 135mm (at any orientation of your choice).

The challenge was to create the best Typographic Posters we could using exclusively just type and the occasional shape, which proved to be more difficult than it sounds.
Whilst working with a few restrictions and rules it made the process quite difficult but rather fun all the same, one of the main rules was that we could use only one colour (with all it's shades) and the greyscale.

We were given an extract of satirical text explaining and defining medical conditions that could form in a designers or serious type nerd; such as Typophilia and Typothermia. We were aloud an minimum font size of 7.5 points which proved ridiculously small even with serif fonts designed for legibility, we also had the rule of correct use of 'en & em' dashes .

For the posters I looked at the styles of Bauhaus, Russian Constructivism and modern type design to list a few; and for designers I looked Lissitzky, Kandinsky, Experimental Jetset and 'his majesty' Brody. Aside from all these power-houses in design I found using Pinterest very helpful and got many ideas and great inspiration from there, if you don't already use it I would definitely recommend joining.

Here are a few images I used for inspiration and ideas:

And here are a few early tests that I made just to get myself into the swing of things:

Some of them I was pretty sold with so I decided to use certain aspects of them for that same piece of transfer them onto the other one. Because of the rule of the posters it was dictated that we could use just one font family for the square poster, but we were allowed to used as many variants from that family as we wished; I chose Univers due to it's beauty and the extensive range of different fonts the family withholds.

For the rectangle poster we were allowed to use two font families but we were only allowed to use two variants of each font in the poster; for this poster I chose to use Akzidenz Grotesk and Baskerville.

So, without further re-due here are my final posters:

If you'd like to see the rest of my inspiration check my pinterest board:

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Carlisle is not a cheap place to produce 35mm

Today I paid the extortionate amount of £7 to develop a 24 exposure roll of colour film onto 6"x4" photo paper and a disc, SEVEN WHOLE FLIPPING POUNDS!

The film I produced was almost a complete surprise for me as I only had a rough idea of what I had shot with it; turns out it was filled with miscellaneous shots from Summer last year and images from right after Christmas which some how contrast really well.

Anyway other than a few test shots Gabriella (the beautiful girlfriend) took, it's mainly full of urban shots and a few poorly taken profile of friends: Enjoy!


A profile; as taken by Gabriella

The Lovecats

Yeah, I don't know. Moody looking shadows and stuff

Carlisle in it's festive spirit

Taking out the trash (insert provocative american accent here)

Blue doors, white door and a tyre.

All shot on my Canon EOS 650 SLR, ranging apertures and shutter speeds
35mm 'PoundWorld Special' colour film

Copyright © Vincent Walden Sucks