Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Zine's are what all the kids are getting into now-a-days.

So this time has come round awfully quickly, and I'm on my final task for the year. (kind of don't want to break up for summer)
I have quite an elongated task for this final one; technically it's a four week task, which is double our usual allotted time but that also has a huge 3 week Easter holiday between it. Making this a grand-finale-mega-monster-brief of dooooooom!

For this task we have been told we are to make a zine, fanzine or artist book on whoever, whatever or whenever we like. The only real rule is that it has to be some for of book, and that you have to work in a pair.

I am working with James 'the side-burn badman' on this project and we are toying around with many ideas, but one of the firm favourites sits with records or something in that category as the devilish man got me into them recently and we are both hooked.
But we are looking at many other opportunities and pathways and have ideas ranging from music to beer; so it could pretty much go anywhere and everywhere depending on how adventurous we decide to be.

The main reason I'm posting this is because as part of the project the idea is to sell them and at minimum break even; so I was hoping being the lovely person you are you might be interested in purchasing a copy!

Prices are pretty much undecided until we've made the zine and figured out costs but if you like zines, please help us out!
We'll personalise or make a special version for anyone that puts their name down before costs are worked out (or if you ask nicely), but I doubt we'll charge any more than £5 per zine.

Thank you! We love ya'


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