Thursday, 13 March 2014

Carlisle is not a cheap place to produce 35mm

Today I paid the extortionate amount of £7 to develop a 24 exposure roll of colour film onto 6"x4" photo paper and a disc, SEVEN WHOLE FLIPPING POUNDS!

The film I produced was almost a complete surprise for me as I only had a rough idea of what I had shot with it; turns out it was filled with miscellaneous shots from Summer last year and images from right after Christmas which some how contrast really well.

Anyway other than a few test shots Gabriella (the beautiful girlfriend) took, it's mainly full of urban shots and a few poorly taken profile of friends: Enjoy!


A profile; as taken by Gabriella

The Lovecats

Yeah, I don't know. Moody looking shadows and stuff

Carlisle in it's festive spirit

Taking out the trash (insert provocative american accent here)

Blue doors, white door and a tyre.

All shot on my Canon EOS 650 SLR, ranging apertures and shutter speeds
35mm 'PoundWorld Special' colour film


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