Monday, 31 March 2014

An update on thine zine!

After a crit this past Friday myself and James have decided that out Zine is to be 'drum roll please'...
A Fun Activity Book for Right Wing Politicians

We are going to make a satirical and fun activity book for the likes of Nigel Ferage and Nick Griffin, from their respective lovely discriminative parties.
The zine will feature a plethora of amazingly fun and discriminative activities!  

We haven't decided exactly what we are going to put in it as it's still early doors but as a hint we have had ideas of:
  • A crossword on what it is to be British, written completely in French
  • Spot the difference in the House of Commons
  • A dot to dot of Nick Griffin's face
  • Deface and scribble pages on images of left wing politicians
  • A maze to get to Parliament through the 'peasants'
  • The right route for the politicians money to avoid tax and safely reach Switzerland

I won't give everything away but that's a good idea of what it's likely to be like.
It will be heavy satirical be filled with illustrations, bright colours and most importantly FREEBIES!

Once again, I haven't any prices for you but if anyone is interested in purchasing one; I would love you forever!


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