Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A conservative way to have fun!

The day had arrived that I'm sure you have all been waiting for; yes the zine that myself and James Reay are creating will 'most likely' be finished and up for sale as a complete zine on Monday the 5th of May.

We have printed our book with Eezyprint, who are a printing company based in Carlisle, Cumbria.
We explained that we were students and they worked with us very well to help make the most cost effective method for printing. They also advised us on paper stock and where to get the stock at a good price.

I can honestly say that working with them has been a delight and I received some of the best customer service from them, that I have ever received. Thank you very much to the staff of Eezyprint.

We have already taken orders and sold two copies of the book and it is being printed as I type this!
The book will cost all of £3.50 and with that you will get a 20 page, A4 sized Activity book; the book itself is heavily satirical and vastly fun with crosswords, mazes and spot the difference (just to name a few).

With the book you will receive freebies like colouring crayons and stickers, and I promise it'll be bloody funny!

If you are still unsure, please have a look at some of our testimonies:

£3.50, that is all! You won't regret it.
These people clearly didn't.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

When Jill Calder came to visit

So on Tuesday the 1st of April we had a lovely visit and lecture from Jill Calder, who with her enormous (not in a bad way) personality provided laughs and a tonne of sketchbooks.
As she slowly progressed through her powerpoint presentation, getting side-tracked along the way with hilarious stories and endless supplies of favourite artists websites.

We got a small sneak peak of work to come, which happened to be a lovely little history book which I'm not sure whether I can speak about and also partly because I can't remember the name of the historical character for the life of me.

Throughout the presentation we were shown favourite pieces of work, projects she once hated and came to love and basically an endless supply of beautiful lettering, colourful illustrations and enough sketches to bankrupt the Moleskine company.

After 3 hours in the presence of the lovely, loud and highly inspirational woman she is: I can positivity say that I wish that the crazy lettering lady from Scotland could be part of the Grillust team as I found the lecture very entertaining and inspiring.

Thank you Jill!          - here is a little sample of her work.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

I want to show you something

This isn't my work or filming but for some reason I find it highly satisfying and beautiful; it's basically two guys painting a road marking for the words "Bus Stop".
But there is something amazing about it being almost freehand, and done with great accuracy. It's also the fact that it has minimal guides and is done in what looks like about 20 minutes (the video is sped up) with what I am informed is a 200 degree plastic like substance, creating almost perfect DIN letter-forms.
Serious jealously of that accuracy.

Also, checkout all the hate in the comments about Greg, GOD DAMN IT GREG!
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