Tuesday, 22 April 2014

When Jill Calder came to visit

So on Tuesday the 1st of April we had a lovely visit and lecture from Jill Calder, who with her enormous (not in a bad way) personality provided laughs and a tonne of sketchbooks.
As she slowly progressed through her powerpoint presentation, getting side-tracked along the way with hilarious stories and endless supplies of favourite artists websites.

We got a small sneak peak of work to come, which happened to be a lovely little history book which I'm not sure whether I can speak about and also partly because I can't remember the name of the historical character for the life of me.

Throughout the presentation we were shown favourite pieces of work, projects she once hated and came to love and basically an endless supply of beautiful lettering, colourful illustrations and enough sketches to bankrupt the Moleskine company.

After 3 hours in the presence of the lovely, loud and highly inspirational woman she is: I can positivity say that I wish that the crazy lettering lady from Scotland could be part of the Grillust team as I found the lecture very entertaining and inspiring.

Thank you Jill!          - here is a little sample of her work.


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