Friday, 31 January 2014

The famous analogies of Tony - Peart 2

Hahahaha - great pun to start the post.

Well here is the most recent update of completely irrelevant analogies as told to me by the Godfather of Grillust.
And introducing the 'Bearded Doodler' Sir Dwayne; supplying the first analogy of this set.

Enjoy deciphering these as I have to do most days; as always thank you Señor Peart!

"If you couldn't swim and I took you to the end of Blackpool pier and told you to dive in, you wouldn't. But if you were a confident swimmer, you'd do it and swim back." 

"If I gave you a lump of clay and you'd never seen ceramics before, nothing would happen and you wouldn't be able to make a pot."

"You are like a recovering heroin addict; you know what you should be doing but you keep crawling back to the mac."

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A pastiche on Abram Games

I have been given a 4 week topic to study Abram Games and create work from his ideas and styles using the adjective of 'ordered', as his work is very ordered and precise I wanted to subvert that adjective and instead do 'disordered'.

I have been looking at his work and making pastiche works of his past designs, changing them in the process.
This is one painting I produced today with acrylic paints, using my favourite form of a make-shift palette knife (a PVA glue paddle), the work I made a pastiche of is the set of posters he made for the Financial Times.
The image is of a typical business man, illustrated with a newspaper.

The signature isn't for vanity, it's so it didn't get lost in the studio 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Wrong end of the stick

"This is a story all about how my life got twisted upside down, so if you'd like to take a minute and sit right there I'll tell you how I pulled out a large fragment of my hair." You can quote me on that, excluding the copyright.

So we have a typography brief and the idea is to make shapes and illustrations for characters of a selected font; I chose to use Garamond and Univers from a list of around 10 fonts.
It's all going good and I have the idea that I would like to make portraits of the font's creators using the font they produced, whilst only using the letters of their surname. (you'll see that this is where I went horribly wrong)

I stacked and built up letters to define facial figure and used larger characters for areas of colour or shading, this (unknown to me) was the exact opposite of what was on the criteria for a successful 'type' illustration for this topic.

I am rather happy how the face of Frutiger came out and mildly pleased with the portrait of Garamond so I though I'd share them with you lovely people, despite them being horribly cliché and incorrect for their purpose.

Just to you can understand what I'm getting at, this is more the direction I should of been heading; and honestly wish I had from the start as it would of saved me hours of time.
These are not my best examples but they are what I'm willing to share, not wanting to give an upper-hand to some of my more devious designer friends in this same situation. You know who you are. Just kidding.

p.s. not kidding

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