Sunday, 23 March 2014

The analogies of Grillust - Peart 3

So this time it has changed, I've started collecting from not only Tony now, but the whole Grillust team;
This time introducing the 'Queen of TypeHRH Rhiannon.
I believe I quoted the resident 'Bearded Doodler' Dwayne the Illustration tutor

I have compiled a few gems, so I hope that you also enjoy them.

"You can't see wood for the trees" The Godfather

"You'll keep falling on your typographic knees, and one day you'll stand" HRH

"Not all horses run all courses" HRH

"It's like tiling - but without grout" The Godfather

"You have to decide which hat you are to wear when you are doing typography, whether that be the playful type hat or the ordered uniform hat" HRH


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