Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Snask Poster Competition

Lets set the scene,

Your average Wednesday morning in bed watching whatever crap ITV 2 has install for me that morning, and as I refuse to leave the bed covers where myself and the girlfriend are, I then hear my phone going crazy on my desk.

So I answer the call and on the other end is the lovely Zoe informing me that I have won the Snask poster competition that they set us a few weeks back. The poster competition was non-mandatory but as I love the design they do I thought I'd grab the chance to make some design that I know they would definitely see.

The brief was just that you had the design a poster to advertise the lecture that the ex-grillust boys of Snask are going to be holding here in Carlisle on the 22nd of May 2014.

Not to waffle on for my inspiration I looked at some of the design they do and read a little about them; then I realised the lecture / visit is based around (or at least I think it is) the new book they have brought out, titled "Make Enemies & Gain Fans". I used the style they used as a massive input to how I made the typography for the poster, also the colour palette I used was very much inspired by their website's colours.

I was also inspired by the design that XTC had on one of their LP sleeves, which basically dictates what the use of a design on a sleeve is for. I slightly flipped it and used the idea to dictate the what the use of a lecture design poster is for; and if you have a enough free time to even try and read it you'll see I just made up a load of purposefully outlandish lies, to add some humour.

So if you want to come and you are too lazy to read the image below its:
11am - Thursday 22nd May 2014 - Lecture Room 2, Brampton Road campus, University of Cumbria

Hope you enjoy it!


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