Sunday, 3 July 2016

A slightly used designer @ New Designers – £499 ONO

I go down to London tomorrow to attend New Designers, and if you are there also, perhaps I could interest you in a scorching deal!

If you come by stand VC34 at any point from Wednesday 6th July, I can offer you a great deal on a pair of used wheels. For only £499, I can offer you not a New Designer but a designer with 40k miles on the clock, new tires and full service history. Though, no refunds. Strictly NO REFUNDS.

An accurate description of my mood (excl. blankets)
In the Business Design Centre, Islington is where you'll find myself, the LMLY crew and the rest of the Grillust Team. Standing there with bag-fulls of colour, and abundance of excitement and enough individualism to fuel the whole of Tumblr, twice over.

Visiting stand VC34 will guarantee you not only a great deal on your very own personal designer but also the chance to find yourself in the centre of a Cumbrian Creative Storm—before you check, I've already put copyright on that term. There will be illustrators, designers, animators and creatives of all types floating around like a solar system of excitement. But though I speak for everyone else, I feel it's important to inform you of what I'll have at said the gracious land of VC34, alongside my curly quiff and toothy smile.

Tools of the trade
Above is a visual checklist of all the things I can offer to your lovely face, when you inevitably get drawn to the tractor beam of colour that is the Grillust stand. I have a list of items that I can assure you no other creative will have in their holster though this fine event, in this list I have these exact items:
  • 2 x half filled Moleskine Sketchbooks for ideas, notes and contact information
  • 93 x sandpaper business cards—handy ey!
  • 1 x fully customised chatterbox, full of possible prizes and wax crayon etchings
  • 1 x Berol Pen (ah!)
  • 1 x Stamp (for marking my territory)
  • 1 x Green Marbled portfolio
  • 200 x Terrible jokes, endless design chatter & mild beer expertise

Aside from being at New Designers, it's a bonus I'll be in London for just under a week. So when I'm not offering you the chance win a free pint or a browse of my silky portfolio; I'll also be hunting down all the food and beer I can get my 20+ mits on. Yes please!

Did I forget to say that I'd be with these kooky fellows? The Lucky Me Lucky You crew will be there to sass, bedazzle and excite you about all collaborative projects you could possibly ever think of. We are LMLY and we are on the rise.


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