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Just the tip: Relationships

'Just the Tip' is a new idea of mine, to give tips on various things with slightly sexual undertones—this should work right?

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For every person out there that feels either slightly scorned that their skills haven't bloomed into what they desired or they have blindly bummed their way into a position because of their choice of drinking hole, the term 'It's not what you know, but who you know' always seems to be strongly factual. For me, though it's in the right ethos it's not quite spot on—it's about relationships, good or bad, in conjunction to your knowledge.

As far as I can tell, you have three types of relationships; Good, Bad and Neutral. These can move around, shift and alter with almost anything you do. Clearly it's not that easy to figure out how these could change, because with all these relationships depend on people and people are bastards. Sexy Bastards! (sometimes) I told you it would get a little sexy.

Good relationships get you good work, well paid work, lots of work or a mix all. Bad relationships get you bad moods, rubbish pay or poor projects. Neutral relationships are those you've either not fully developed, cut off from or are yet to start. If you can figure out which category your clients fit in, you can likely deal with them better and hopefully follow this months 5 tips much greater.

Tip 1: Don't burn your bridges. The client you just said goodbye to could be the worst person on earth, of whom you spit towards, each evening before you sleep, but it's likely his contacts might not be. The woman you just swore at when the email came in could be design's answer to Margret Thatcher but just like ol' Maggie; she'll know other humans and other humans mean other possible clients. (duh)

Tip 2: If you want lots of relationships, make lots of relationships. Trump didn't win the election by staying at home and calling an entire religion rapists on his own! No, he went to find other xenophobes who also believed practically everything that is fed to them.
Meet anyone you can, attend everything you can get to and speak to everyone. I know it's scary, but if you look around the room of that small print event you've attended; I'm pretty sure there aren't any imposing dictators in attendance. Though I hear Kim Jong-Un loves a good Riso show, so watch out.

Tip 3: Loosing a relationship isn't always a bad thing. Don't take a 2-foot stinker on their desk, but if they are driving you to madness, perhaps financially unfollowing them would be the best point of action. Saying goodbye can be just as pleasant as when you said hello.
Once said by a wise, loud, talented and slightly unstable friend of mine"Nothing is more important than your mental health!"

Tip 4: Business relationships and personal relationships are separate things. These two binaries need to be managed, and if you risk to mix them, then understand what you are doing. Your mother will always be your biggest fan, but likely not your best agent. Your friend will always like your work, but might not 'actually' like it at all. Try your best not have sex with Mr. Billpayer or orally-pleasure Mrs. Invoice-Sender. These tips can be totally ignored and still work, but make sure you know the rules before you break them.

Tip 5: Email is alright, phone is better, coffee is best. To have a strong relationship with anyone, you need to actually know who that person is—meeting in person is the champion of all for this, but not always accessible. So if it is the unachievable, emulating a cuppa, in whichever form that takes is the next best thing you can do.
Knock on doors, ring doorbells and be a ruddy bother for the people you want to meet, because whether they like it or not, you'll eventually meet them and that's the only way you'll progress from the stalemate of anonymity.

Assuming I can think of anything else helpful to give tips on next month, and that this isn't sent into the depths of blindly ignored blog posts; you'll likely see another one of these soon!
I hope this was some-what helpful, love Vin x


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