Wednesday, 12 July 2017

This is an Archive

This blog, from this day forth is to exist as an archive.

I've had a good long run using Blogspot but after years of saying 'It's not that good, it'll do' and other sympathising remarks, I've reached the point where I just want to jump ship to the more superior of blog platfroms—the self-hosted Wordpress (sorry Blogger)

I'm of course continuing to blog as normal, and with this jump I'm hoping to launch my blog to a higher tier of existence, with great meta data, more common posts and more interesting things—but I'm only one boy, so it's likely only half of this may even happen.

So if you've landed here hoping for new content, I can but direct you to my new blog and hope that you may want to sift through the past 4 years of content that this website has provided.

Should I be so lucky to have a member of Blogger staff viewing this, then I shall explain my reasons for leaving. Since day one, the interface, operation and experience of Blogger has not changed which has been good for the most part but where it lacks has been completely ignore. I also realise that recently you've decided to try and update blogger but it's just too late, it's the vine of it's time, the GeoCities of the blogging words—it's been faithful but full of faults, like a 3 legged sheepdog.

Any how, have a deeks* at my new hizzity hang**.

*Deeks is a cumbrian word used in place of look, or 'to look'

**Hizzity Hang is a word that sounds trendy but has never been used non-ironically


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