Friday, 20 September 2013

Part one of the Super Friday Photo Challenge

So as a group we were sent in two sets of 2's to take 12 images of landmarks and miscellaneous items around Carlisle town. The task was set to take a photo of the landmark or item with one member of our group in the image; but this was far too simple.

So we decided using the magic of self-timers we would take images and have innocent civilians take photo's of us (excluding two because the area looked a bit rough, cameras aren't cheap guys.)

So we laughed all day and got terribly sore feet, but the out come was definitely worth it.

The secret entrance to Imagination Station comic book store (but obviously we had to have the shop owner take a photo of us with the glorious comics)
 The Sands Centre - Bronze Cormorant on Plinth (with 'highfive' added for cinematic effect)
 Bitts Park - with the statue of Britain's longest reigning monarch (with added leap frog)
 Fisher Street - The exterior of Carlisle's premier independent live music venue (with added drunken fighting)
 Fun2Do - In one of the upstairs 'rooms of glitter wonder'
 Will Nixon & Sons - Exterior with the name of the resident cat written on a piece of paper.
But that is boring, so we held the cat; he is called William.
 Carlisle City Library - Holding the vocal score for 'The Pirates of Penzance';
but clearly some pirates had reached it before us and taken it for their booty, so we pestered this kind lady.
 Club Concrete - Top of stairs looking down (but the stairs are a far enough distance for the camera to be halfway to cash converters here, so we took photos of each other instead)
 Dixon's Chimney - Base of, looking up (failed leaning tower of Carlisle)
 Sandwich Mill - Shop front (with added Gansta signs)
Denton Street - three large yellow letters.
So basically, it was to look like I had been beaten but we were photo-bombed by a discerning dog walker, making it look like I took a serious tumble.


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