Monday, 25 November 2013

How do things work?

Today I was issued with the task to develop an ISSUU digital magazine on how something works or was made that the tutors don't understand. Myself and Sophie have been assigned the task of displaying 'How the Romans built straight roads'; I think the main task is to develop a range of info-graphics to not just inform the knowledgeable tutors of mine but people that are completely un-knowledgeable of the subject.

I have looked into the history of the Romans and how they would create their roads, using surveying tools such as a Groma they would map out direct straight lines by equalising four weights (horizontally) hung from a cross shape of wood and suspended on string; when the weights would even out they would know that anything in-line with two vertical stands of the four, would be a straight line even at a long distance.

The only problem was that it relied on the surveyors eye sight and accuracy of reading the verticals on how accurate it was.

I have also looked at designers which produce info-graphics and how they go about them, although they have similar styles I really like how they look and find it a much better way of showing facts and voicing opinions to a wider audience with the graphics being simple, easy to read aesthetically pleasing.

I have looked at Peter Grundy, Volume One and Andrew Janik for inspiration.

Peter Grundy

Volume One
Andrew Janik

 p.s. if you are on my course and I see you stealing my ideas, I might slightly kill you. love Vincent.


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