Tuesday, 5 May 2015

We're going for a trip—a trip into your mind.

It's whisky designed to slap you down on your arse!

For our final project of the second year, we were asked to come up with a concept for a brand new whisky, a new identity for single malt scotch—something that had never existed before.
This whisky had to appeal the the younger generation and stand out on the shelves of fancy restaurant or one of those bars that has only grout on the walls.

I went for a whisky so strong that it would make you trip, not to mention all the optional psychedelics you can take with the drink to make the trip experience that little bit more terrifying. I know that young people love to talk about how high they've been and how much alcohol they can handle – so this product lets them do both of those in one easy package.

So this is what I came up with. Trip Whisky – and below are my presentation boards for it.

The concept is basically a whisky for the modern generation, with the hints of the psychedelic past, with illegible writing and a bright colours overlapping everywhere.

Now that I look at it, I feel the branding could be much stronger in terms of aesthetic desirability but that wasn't really one of my aim at the time, because it's referencing the traditional past of psychedelia and drug trips—where everything was so ugly, that it was beautiful.

We were also asked to make some mixer drinks to go with our product; you know, the ones that come premixed in a can like Coke and JD or any other brand mix up you can think of.
For those I thought I might as well make my own twist on existing whisky cocktails, so that it had that 'look us, we are different and hip' feel that every customer of urban outfitters lives their life by.

Although this wasn't completely polished and finalized; I really rather like the idea and I feel the branding has miles more potential than just what I have made of it.
So if you are out there, and want to make an 89% Whisky infused with grubs and nutmeg, in which to partly poison the youth of today and make them feel like they've been sitting in the fields of Woodstock for the evening, let me know!


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