Thursday, 17 December 2015

Milk, why have anything you don't need in there?

Lets be honest here, you wouldn't want a dinosaur in your milk, or even an elephant in your jam; so why have it in there?

So for part of the YCN (Young Creative Network) brief this year; there was a selection of topics we could cover, so like any normal person I was head strong into branding milk with a different protein strand; obviously.

I was working on a project for a2 Milk of whom are a milk company, working to get more people who may feel that they are intolerant to milk, whereas they are actually allergic to the 'a1' strand of protein—thus making this milk, but without anything you don't need in there.

I worked with the idea of not having something in milk you didn't need; and through this process I came over a huge range of ideas. One I was planning to run with was an idea of disbelief; animating a character to support this, but that just would not support my time frame.

Considering my time frame, and knowing that this project had to be a moving image as it's final outcome, I decided that it would have to be filmed, in a day and edited the next day. It had to be fast, stupid and milky.

As we were speaking of stupid, I feel I should really highlight something for you.
I realise you may have noticed that the glass is smashed, and you may even see the clip where it does so; and that my friends was my decline into a dark period of strangeness and milk stains.

It was my second clip, I had been setting up for half an hour, I had been shooting for 3 minutes and of course my second item, to fall into the milk breaks the bloody glass; who knew a plastic toy car can be such a destroyer of glass?

Instead of crippling myself into a ball of tears and anger, I flipped that and made something strange and in my opinion, hilariously shit. Don't get me wrong, I love the outcome, I think it's brilliant, but you cannot deny that it's funny because it's just bloody terrible.

So for this,  I didn't get a great grade, but it's going straight into my portfolio, I think it sums me up quite well, it is the definition of a Vincent Walden Botch Job.
And finally, for the music bats out there, you may have noticed my soundtrack is really rather funky, well my friends that is all due to the geniuses that are Vulfpeck, of whom's music I stole for these clips. I haven't the rights to use them, but this is a personal, educational project, so I hope they don't want to sue me to hard!

Also, as I was salvaging the clips I also took a few images for I could make some GIFs for advertisement on social media—cuz all kids know GIFs are where it's at baby!


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