Friday, 11 December 2015

Those Demon Ways

Beware the GIFs, my son! The clips that move, the frames that jump! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Graphics Interchange Format!

We had a project, it's was a tough one and it was a strange one. It went by the title "These Demon Ways". This project, of which many suffered with, is slightly my fault—actually a lot my fault. So if you are part of the Grillust massive, reading this, sharpening the pitchfork, lighting the batons; I apologise.

Before this brief came into life, I was asked by my tutor (of whom ran this project) of whether I felt that people would be interested in doing said project; and of course I though they would love it. I was wrong, we were wrong.

The project was to work with an author / poet and create a set of moving image pieces to support her debut production in theatre. These would be displayed behind the performance, supporting what the actors were portraying upon the stage. It turns out, people didn't like this; not at all.
I knew that nobody knew truly how to animate but I thought it would be an individual and most unique portfolio item anyone could have—though it turned out a little too different. Sorry guys. 

Above is a test I made of my initial concept. Emma (poet and project creator) had said that she felt that time was non-linear in this play; so instead of showing that, I wanted to show the 'permanence of existence'.

As you'll see, there are white lines moving across the screen; depicting the movements of people rather than actually showing them, as they'll be on stage and I am merely using this to support them.
I wanted to show the permanence of existence was an over arching theme in this non-linear story.

Here is another test, from another scene. Turn out, I had gone too indepth, and needed to make it a little more simple. Oh well, I learnt more about animation!


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