Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Colture Tour

Colt are going on tour soon & EU should be there.

As I did last time, and as I'm doing now—we have both a professional poster and the poster I'm given free reign upon. Can you figure out which is which?

Honestly, these two aren't all the different but when you create the free reign poster that the band are digging and they need a smart one, it'd make no sense at all to make something completely different.
It's like Ben & Jerry's deciding that they should put a core of sickly sweet syrup inside their ice cream, even though everyone loves the ice cream without it. (Sorry Ben) (Sorry Jerry)

if you live in Europe I see little reason for not travelling to one of these venues to see some punk boys from the hills perform for you. No, I don't care that you live in Scunthorpe—get to Leipzig, you lazy shite!


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