Monday, 2 June 2014

My first real gig poster design!

 On Saturday the 31st of May I was approached by Mark from The Brickyard about starting to do poster designs for them, which the most recent one which I was asked to do was a poster for "A Night of Cumbrian Hard Rock and Metal" which is on the 2nd of August this year.

Saying that I don't have much expertise in the genre of metal and I was requested not to make it a typical 'distressed' or 'grungy' style poster, I feel that I made an effective eye catching poster with small hints to distress and metal.

I looked at posters for Download Festival and Enter Shikari for inspiration and drew on a few ideas I had already locked in my head of record sleeve designs, such as AC/DC, Anthrax and quite principally the famous shirt collection of my friend Louis (a really metal head with an awesome hair cut to match).
Da poster!


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