Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Really gunning for new clients

 Well, to make a long story short, I've got a new client and it's them local boys Colt 45.

Lets set the scene; I've just grabbed some piss sodden toilet paper out of a blocked stainless steel toilet, and as I plunder up the stairs to the sound of a hundred 14 year old's crying at some famous indie band, I see that the holy long haired mayor of The Brickyard (Andy) was talking to that there man of Colt 45 fame and I was being waved over to come talk to them.

After throwing away my pissed up latex gloves, I rushed back to find some cheeky chappy named Adam was offering me the chance to do some work for him, well actually it'd be for the band he furiously hits drums for. So of course I bit his hand off for the opportunity—wasn't my best move, had to spend hours in A&E, he'll never play the drums again. (sorry Gareth and Neil)

Anyway, some days past and I received an email with the opportunity to do design for Colt 45, and it all started with the possibility of a logo design; of which I jumped at the chance.
I looked at their current logo and thought it'd be best to work closely to what they already have but try and harp back to the punk style that these Fred Perry wearing northerners resemble. It was a rather short process, I worked through my fonts to see which font I could modify for my needs and could be modern enough to fit in with the current market that they'll be competing with.

Original Logo

Updated Logo

This poster above, was a huge influence for me for this redesign; as designed and drawn by that there moustached tattooed man Greg Wynne. I loved that semi-italic waved lettering he did on this poster and it was something I really wanted to embody in the re-design, not only that but he's been their designer for years, so it was an idea of respect for the image he helped build for them.

From this the first task to create a new facebook banner image and images for a merch sale for them, as an idea of reinforcing the branding whilst introducing it to their fans. So other than the logo I had created and their back catalogue, I hadn't much restrictions and just went at it.

Above was my first attempt, and it was quickly scrapped. Adam (from Colt 45) told me he liked it but it was the exact thing he wanted to get away from.
I was told that he wanted people to be able to see their faces, and for it to feel 'professional punk' – if that really exists; of which I would guess Elvis Costello would be the closest living embodiment to that term. So everything went grayscale and I cracked out a nice golden mustard colour.

And above are the finished products, of which I'm much happier with the Facebook banner due to the image having a great impact; and the images for the merch sale just proved awkward which ever way I tried to use them. But my satisfaction isn't always the best judge, as I got a message from a rather happy Adam that the merch had sold brilliantly after posting said image.

Aside from this, I am rather pleased with the overall look we've got going on – and I'm over the moon that they came to me for design.


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