Saturday, 20 June 2015


Keep your voice down will you! It's a SILENT disco. GOSH!

If you live around Carlisle you may of heard of The Brickyard's silent disco, it's where you shuffle in silence with headphones on, miming to people the universal sign for a drink – you know what I'm talking about; that little hand tilt you do in front of your mouth whilst raising your eyebrows.

Anyway, I got off topic, I was asked to re-do the poster for said night, and it was a bit of a strange one. I wanted to keep that childish, colourful vibe about it but I wanted to make it obviously my own.
So with little planning I just started grabbing images and throwing them together with text.

So if you look at the final, that is actually the idea I had right from the start, though after a short while I fell out of love with it. I started to look at it, and think – I like it, but I'd rather do something else. So I worked out this poster below.

Now this poster was an odd one, it was just a collection of things I had seen and liked. I used my favourite extension of Helvetica, got one of those wobbly borders and slammed on this anatomical face. In reality it has nothing to do with Silent Disco's and barely gets the message across, but in the wonderland of a mind; it looked bloody fab.

I had to come crashing back to earth when the guys at the yard realised they weren't in my fantasy world and said "we actually liked the first one". And to be honest, aesthetically this is lovely but for the purpose it's serving—I doubt it makes any sense.

So now we're back to good 'ol rusty, and that's how it's staying. Adventurous, modern Vincent is back in his closet and we are sticking to this. I mean it's not a bad thing, but it's what the client wants. And that is always priority. G'night!


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