Monday, 29 June 2015

You are GOLD!


Recently I've worked my butt off and helped stitch together tour footage of the lads of Colt 45, to make them a video for their cover of Spandau Ballet's 80's hit; "Gold".
It was a long process and considering I've never really edited anything serious before it was just as exciting as it was a learning curve—and what I learnt was; 20 seconds of video takes 20 minutes of editing.

But, it was bloody massive fun taking a huge leap out of my comfort zone and making three Cumbrian lad's look like they spent a weekend recording sweet music, and not drunkenly giggling at each other in a Wigan pub. Well actually that's a bit of a fib; they are very serious when it comes to their music, and it was a treat finding ways to edit this for them – having the privilege to scan through hundreds of clips of them, face focused, making the 80s sound like it was kicked in the balls by The Buzzcocks.

It also features on Kerrang, so that got me a little excited. I'm just rambling now, so just watch it.

Pat on the back Vin, pat on the back lads.


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