Saturday, 12 March 2016

All Hell Broke Loose

Recently I achieved something that surprised me, I did something solo that I doubted I could even do with a team.
As you should likely know by now, I do a lot a design for work those there local lads Colt 45 and this time I changed from designer to director to cinematographer to editor. I got the chance to do a music video and I grabbed it with both hands, they were just like "Hey, want to do a music video?" and of course I said "WELL YEAH! But I haven't a clue how to".

After some storyboarding, terrible planning on my behalf and a terrified rush to get a projector, we began shooting. I should add that I could had help but I forgot to ask.
There was me, operating a projector, two cameras and part directing the lads as we went through the shoot. Officially I was the director but there guys knew what they were doing so it wasn't so much of a job than of just bits of chat here and there.

It may just be a music video, but hell, I'm proud of it. Feast your eyes below.


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