Wednesday, 23 March 2016


If you are thinking, what the feck is TLBALB then don't look any further—it only gets more confusing!

I wanted to make a font, but I wanted to make a font unlike how I have made a font in the past. As luck would have it we are being visited by a man from Lancaster, living in California, doing a sabbatical in Cumbria. This man is Andrew Byrom; a typographic zero.

No, that's not me slagging him off, he is to typography what a zero is to computing. In the modern era of computers we see everything produced digitally, just as in typography we see all the trends and movements be we never see the root—we never see the binary.

Computers all run from binary commands, everything on this screen is made exclusively from one's and zero's they are the root of development, the root of computing. Andrew is the root of typographic design, his name isn't in lights but it's in Stefan Sagmeister's portfolio and it's in every modern type movement you've ever seen.

Andrew looks at type differently to I, he creates physically then develops the digital. He'll make handrails into type and he flies type at the beach. That why I wanted to work how he does, do something different and make a typeface that makes no bloody sense.

Of course, he is a much greater typographer than I, so I named the font as such; I present to you The Losing Battle Against Lord Byrom

It's totally free to use if you fancy it, or can find a use for it


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