Saturday, 19 March 2016


Wednesday 'The Hump Day' is usually a day where very little happens. This week, my Wednesday was filled with the task of pushing through 3 full posters. IT WAS POSTER MADNESS!

One day, three posters and four cups of coffee. That is the recipe for stuff done!
Now these weren't all started that day, but they were all certainly finished that afternoon; but my goodness it felt like I had climbed a mounting when 2 o'clock rolled around and I had slain the giant poster beast!

Firstly, the mighty Loose!
This was not done single handedly, myself and James worked this one out. Building up from a collage to start the poster then frying it with practically every colour under the sun. We have worked on the Loose posters together for a while and with this one (which might our last as we graduate soon) we just wanted to throw all our ideas at the fan and see which ones stuck to the paper. So the outcome was some strange multi-colour indie dreamscape; and if that's alright with The Yard and it's alright with us—then it's all goooooooooooood!

The infamously ugly 90s night.

Somewhere between those faux Californian 'surf tees', Neville Brody and the Spice Girls we have this. It's every colour I could desire and it's full to the brim with random crap—just like the 90s. 

Motown and Soul (Again)
As I've been doing these a while, and they've been through a couple and re-designs, and I'll have to hand the soul baton on soon, so I made it a little mad. This hadn't any direction, I just made something that I wanted to make, with a cracking image dead centre.


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