Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A change is gonna come

I TURNED TO MY BROTHER, AND SAID; BROTHER WILL YOU colour me yellow and put blue text over me and hang me in Carlisle establishments.

Soon, I'll likely be handing over the poster baton to another lucky student; so I'm going a little more experimental with my posters. Each year I try to change up the Motown & Soul posters that I've been doing since first year, so this year was no different; but in a way it was.

I created a style or system that changes on demand—it can look like this poster or it could look totally different but somehow they link. Don't ask me how, I did it but I'm not 100% sure how I did.
For this poster, I wanted the idea of the trumpeters playing so loudly it was affecting the text; sending it all over the place.

It may be different and I'm not totally sure on the response from the public, but it so much bloody fun, that I'm going to keep doing it.

p.s. the lady friend really isn't digging it.


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