Friday, 6 May 2016

The Sugar Syndrome

A story of a lady with an eating disorder that befriends a paedophile. What else would I expect from Tommy Newall ey?

From being naked in the front room of my halls to being naked on stage, the two humans that make up Heads Up Productions are at another strange and horrifying production—The Sugar Syndrome.
I believe the name comes from when soldiers would have a bulk of rations saved and gorge on them in a single day just because they hadn't had that amount in the recent past; the impulsive choice to make a terrible decision.

Anyway, I made a poster for them and luckily with avant-garde drama productions you can create avant-garde typography; I mean I usually have the freedom to produce whatever I want to—just as long as those guys like it. With this poster, the play followed the arc of eating disorders, child abuse and paedophilia, so instead of making a poster that no shopkeeper would allow in their window; I thought making some interesting type decisions would be the best way to go.

So if any of these strange things appeal to you, I recommend that you clear your calendar for mid-may. You make yourself available on the 26-27 May and you go see some bloody fantastic theatre.
I haven't seen or heard any of the production so I can't give you my word on it, but I can give you my word the Heads Up Productions is made up of two bat-shit-crazy, hard driven people; so how on earth could it ever be bad? 


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