Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Britton for Britain.

Just a quick one this time.

I was contacted by my friend Emma Whitaker who is a very good Downhill rider, but is having to film other very good Downhill riders because she was being a very good rider in a very good riders contest and then became a very good rider out of control and wrapped around a tree.

Actually I made up the tree bit, but I imagine it was something to that same idea of pain.

Anyway, after babbling on she had contacted me because she wanted a little bit of typography done for a short trailer she is making for her friend and fellow rider Jonny Britton.
So I threw around some ideas with her and decided to help create a small bit of branding for him; as the trailer is designed to get him noticed and recognised in the downhill scene.

I tried to create some branding because his surname is Britton, and he'll be racing in Britain.
This doesn't sounds like too much of an issue, but because of the way our brains work; instead of reading each single letter to read the word, we read the first few and then link it to words we already know.

And because I helped with this so he could be noticed, I thought we should make his surname a little bit of branding just to illimate the problem of people just seeing 'Jonny Britain' instead of 'Jonny Britton, talented downhill rider'.

A test image of the final product to explain what I'm raving on about.

The trailer itself is titled "Jonny Britton – Try Harder" because he has to always try harder and harder, until he reaches the point where somebody finaly goes, GOD DAMN THAT YOUNG MAN IS TALENTED AND I SHOULD PAY HIM LOTS OF MONEY AND BUY HIM MANY MANY BIKES!

But anyway, it was a lot of fun and I loved to try and help him on his way and will happily do so until the point where he is nailing it down Fort William with some super expensive bike with 24-carat plated bars (or something crazy like that).

Have a look and this good man!


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