Friday, 12 September 2014

Calling out to the New Students of Carlisle!

Today, after a visit of a dull and empty looking studio myself and James thought that we should make a poster to advertise The Brickyard, and help spruce the place up. 

Not only did we want to do this because we are bored as hell, but also because we love The Brickyard and being poster designers for there, and fans of the acts they put on, we want the venue to last and be able to get more and more acts.

We thought about it and realised that it really is our favourite venue in Carlisle and also noticed that a lot of our fellow designers like to attend gigs there too. So we thought, well what about all the new students, they need to know about this lovely place too!

All that aside, the main reason we made this is because we wanted to post up and show off our posters around our campus, and after talking to Mark (from The Brickyard) we were informed that he was no longer allowed to put posters from their in the campus.

Not only was our ego battered a little bit, and we felt a little disheartened, we realised something more important. If the massive influx of student don't know about The Brickyard, then we'll possibly be out of design jobs, great gigs and even better times.

So this was our super cheesy solution.

Coming to wall of a bathroom near you!

Our solution probably isn't the greatest solution, but it's totally worth a shot.
If the poster isn't actually done or made by The Brickyard, but instead a student, then I should be fine to sit within the confines of the campus.

So after a little research, some textures, a cheesy photo and a few free hours—The image above is our final result. We'll see how long this actually lasts on the walls, but I love this venue and I'll do my best to keep like-minded people going and help generate business to keep great bands playing!

And finally this sounds a little audacious, but I know the two gents of Snask support my feelings for this lovely place, and if they see this, HELP A BROTHER OUT!


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