Friday, 6 February 2015

London Adventures #5 - Freebies

Thursday is the day of freebies.

Didn't get lost at all today, think I'm getting the hang of this general direction thing.
I did also get to the office on time but unfortunately there was very little work kicking around, and I spent my day pestering for work and being a general annoyance—but somehow; I mustn't of been that annoying because I got a lovely offer to go to the pub for lunch!

Look at this lovely place—and those lovely beers.

The pub was lovely, small and covered in what looked like 16th century mosaic; but screw long standing art, culture and architecture, I got two free craft beer pints . YEAH BOY!
But yes, the pub was blooming lovely.

So after an elongated lunch period (shhhh, don't tell the boss) I got asked the question "Do you like childhood?" and my initial internal response was "Hell yeah!, Pokémon cards and no self-confidence issues"; turns out he was on about the band. So I said yeah, I've heard of them, and he threw me the sacred question of the NME office "Do you want some free tickets?" Damn right I want free tickets.

Long story short, I met Zac in Covent Garden for about 6, got Gaby's present, a bowl of noodles and headed for the club titled XOYO. Don't ask me to pronounce that as I have no idea how to.
Anyway, we got there and it kicked off almost instantly; well actually I had to buy some seriously overpriced lager first.

Firstly we had Lusts, who are a Royal Blood-esque duo. There is a drummer and a guitarist/singer, they were very Lo-Fi and slightly punk. I rather liked their deep singing voice, mixed with the low tones and heavy feedback and although they were a bit rough round the edges, a solid 8/10. Following that we had OSCA who were, dangerously similar to Coldplay, with a attractive frontman/singer/pianist and a similar sound—I wasn't crazy about them but they had a lot of talent.
For me personally, I'd give them a 7/10 because I wasn't all that keen, but I' pretty sure 90% of the female audience would of given straight 10's.

And now we move onto the final event; around half an hour later than scheduled and well worth the wait. Even with a heavy ass, super huge bag on my back this band still blew me away. Childhood were anything other than childish, they were brilliant. They were what I would describe as Heavy Psychedelia with hints of punk and metal thrown in the mix. There was soft sections, hard breaks and a tonne of thrashing and they had a really strong stage presence.

The lead singer had an afro perfect enough to make any woman 'hair jealous' and from what I could see of one member of the crowd, he clearly made one drugged up teen basically jizz in his underwear whilst he jumped around singing every word in a half broken post-puberty voice.

The band were really into it and put on a really good show, that left my ears ringing till late on in the night. Of course the front-man was brilliant but I need to make note of the Keyboard/Synth guy who was turning this band of heavy riffs and distortion into what sounded like so LSD Rock wet-dream.
Hats off to you, whoever you are!

Anyhow, I can't remember anything else, but it was a great day of freebies. Thank you very kindly Tony, Mark and the NME office!


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