Sunday, 15 March 2015

Everything is better when you are living in the centre

To incorrectly quote A Tribe Called Quest – Everything is better when you are living in the centre, or being middle class.

So when we were set the brief of designing a fictional magazine for our editorial brief of the second year and I fancied picking fun at the middle class and partly myself. I decided that I wanted to make a satirical problem magazine for the middle class; covering troublesome issues such as Hummus, HSBC and Flushable Wet Wipes.

I made the publication that faded 'salmon pink' that is upheld on the paper for the Financial Times to give it that "Yes look at me, I understand economics and I'm clearly more clever than you, because my newspaper is pink" but pastiche it and make it a trashy and repulsively boring one at that – with a hint of good design.

I used the blue as a contrast colour to the pink to give it a modern feel and unlike that 'decline of modern language & journalism' publications, I've used only two professional font families, a strong colour pallet and no words that were made up by the atrocity that is Joey Essex.

It was really fun to do and I love the idea of filling a magazine with a load of crap, but because it's such a high priced pile of crap, I could put a hairy arse crack over a double page spread—of which I need to thank the helpful (and seriously hairy) wildlife student friends I have, mostly you Bambi.

I have taken a lot of inspiration from my favourite era of editorial design—the early 60's. I feel this shows through and it wouldn't be fair not to credit whomever was the artistic director for Design magazine from 1960 – 1964 as you have influenced me greatly.


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