Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Not just one poster for you, but two!

I've been working hard recently, so here are some of the fruits from my fruit basket of labour.

These past weeks I've been really feeling the vibe of the 'classic look' to gig posters, with that DIY sort of handwritten style. So first this week, I did the King Kurt poster, which is a sort of Punk aesthetic – because to me that's what their music and past design seemed to embody. For the colours, I pretty much just stole the palette from one of their albums. Firstly because it's a highly recognisable colour palette, but also because it's a brilliant one at that.

Then I cracked out the graphics tablet, got a nice brush and went to town, changing i it, erasing it and pretty much trying to rush it; but all the while making it legible and clear. The band have a fun, and easy going mantra about them, which is what I wanted to reflect with the naive handwriting and punk style. As it stands, any poster I've done with my own handwriting was hugely fun, but deadly awkward.

Oh I do like a bit of pink.

Now to move on to an Xcert of the next poster.

Looking at it now, it kind of looks like I used the same colours. just inverted.
But honestly, I didn't, they were just a happy accident of a miss-click. When I saw The Xcerts be announced, I did as I normal do; find out whether there is already someone doing the poster, and if there isn't—mock up some tests. For this, I noticed the tour was on the back of their album launch, so I saved an image of their album and stole the falling person from it's main image; once vectorised, I made a range of shapes to correspond to it, and the best one looked like this.
Once I had a shape I liked, I grabbed my mega marker and embraced my current passion—HAND RENDERED TYPE!

This was by far the most fun part, especially when you have the freedom that the lovely guys at The Brickyard give me. There is something really cathartic and empowering about using a marker pen the size of your head, and it made it even better that I could just make what I wanted, and as long as it made sense and looked good, ye' olde' Mark Howlette would give the big thumbs up. So I went for it.
I won't go too far into the details but I really like this poster and it will definitely go down in the history of one of my favourite posters I ever made.

It kind of reminds me of starburst sweets.

As a final note, it's a little unnecessary and will likely go unseen, but I'd just like to thank The Brickyard for allowing me the chance to do all the posters I have—and also Mark Howlettterttretre as he leaves their company to flutter on around France buying old chairs and such like. Thanks guys. 


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