Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Loose, like a noose on the roof.

Yeah the title has nothing to do with the contents of this post; wanna' fight about it!?

]T'other week I was offered by the lovely lads of The Brickyard to re-design the poster for Loose – their indie night. They wanted the idea that was held by the previous poster, to have an idea of collage; and that the collage would hold the famous faces of Indie music./

I was more than happy to do that but I had the idea of changing that up and make it stand out as a local bar had adapted the exact idea and done a very basic (and not as well designed) rip off of the old poster. I thought about it a bit and came to conclusion I had a friend that would be rather good at helping me with this, and not only that be he is my personal music tutor but he also is super keen about indie music, so he'd be a massive help with this poster and the pair of us working on this would be an interesting idea.

His name is James and you'll likely know him if you know myself. He is the unmissable, northern, ginger shining beacon of musical knowledge embodied in a punk t-shirt and a Primark fleece.
We had a blast of ideas and came to the idea that we'd both like to work away from a simple collage, or anything that looked too much like the 'Sgt. Peppers' album sleeve.
We went through a tonne of test and ideas, getting inspiration from Terry Gillian, and collages from around the world; until we got to the final idea. The idea of instead of making a wall of famous faces, that we would make an ultimate indie star by mixing body parts of musicians and famous faces alike.

With this poster we encountered a range of issues, and it sadly made the design of the poster take a lot longer than needed. We could never really agree of the final outcome and because we had different styles it proved very difficult to mix them. We also found it hard to make space and fit all the items in, in a way which suited the both of us.

It was a very good project to work on together and I do feel the final outcome, does reflect the odd and indie mantra that we were trying to put across but I feel that because we found it so hard to mix out two ideas and styles that it wasn't the strongest that I could design alone, and it also isn't as strong as what James could design alone.
In no way, do I regret working with James on this, but because we are polar opposites in production but similar with ideas, it proved as a big learning curve.

I like a lot of choices we made and the processes we went through but I also feel that I ended doing more of the final piece than James, which is both slightly unfair on him and a testiment that I personally feel we work well together on something we can spread both our ideas over (see A conservative way to have fun) but in the enclosed space of a poster we may just be best advising each other than working directly together.


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