Thursday, 19 March 2015

Visualising a declination

A decline in success with a successful declination. Figure that out.

So for the past two weeks I've been working on two projects side by side – two branding projects, one for a photography conference and another for a charity. Today we showed our ideas for the Visualising section of this (the photography conference) and unfortunately they weren't overly keen on my ideas—though my buddy James Reay is in the final chosen three, so good luck to him!

The idea I had for this logo to represent the idea of speech, as the whole idea of the conference is that it's focused more on the theory of photography. I used the speech bubble as an obvious cue to the idea of speech and reinforced that with the ellipsis as any time you see that glyph it makes you aware that more words are due to come. I made the logo, just a simple monochrome so that when over-layed over any image (for promotional purposes) it would be able to stand out as it isolates itself.

Above are the two A3 sheets I handed over as my attempt to win the chance to use my branding. I added a third colour of a chrome yellow as I feel it helped bring attention to significant sections and information and dragged the branding out of the closed book of exclusive monochrome.

I really like the branding that I made, and had a lot of fun making a sort of lo-fi modern approach; and it only made it sweeter that Sir Dave, Lord of Technology And Films You Never Heard Of said he liked my logo a lot. Thanks Dave, you're a babe.

So, I even made a website and they didn't choose me—even though everyone else did too. Well now I'm going to be a sore loser, hate you all! Well not really, just you Rachael. Just you alone. No reason, just hatred.


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