Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What do you get when you cross bear arms with a colt 45?

You get cross-country punk (of course)

It's a well known fact that I make pretty things for Colt 45; from music videos, to logos, to posters but what hasn't been well known until this morning is that they are touring in December. Touring around Scotland and England, with a soul of punk, northern-ness and the poster I've just made for them.

I got an email saying, we're doing a tour, we need a poster in a week and we're touring with Bear Arms, so what else could I say? Well, I just said yes and sketched everything that flashed into my head from the moment of being informed of the tour.

I thought, what have we got here? Two bands that share named with items that exist. Items that when singled out look quite strange. A lone handgun and the upper body of a forest wandering beast; that'd look brilliant on a poster.

So here we are, a few days later with a bright orange crest for their tour – filled with the finished imagery and fonts. I created the poster mostly from one of the ideas that struck me right at the moment of reading the email, but the white outlines behind the image came when I mistakenly made the background that bright orange that it is.

It seems rather instinctive of me to do so, and I think it's come from my cliché love of Penguin Book sleeves, but I didn't even question it at the time; it just looked right.
I'm rather chuffed with this, as it's pretty minimal and not too similar to most the posters that I've made recently or making at the moment, and that little change adds a whole lot of fresh air to my idea buzzing head—which is always a good thing.


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