Thursday, 3 September 2015

Getting truly sick of impatient fairground rides

You know what really grinds my gears? When that Ferris Wheel just won't be decent and patient. Bloody fairground equipment eh.

I've been working me butt off, getting the second cover by the lads of Colt 45 ready. The deadline was it had to be ready before they left for Germany – of which they are touring round right now – and I managed to do it! Well, just. Two days early, just for peace of mind.

There is little I can say about it that you can't see, but they said they wanted it to display the ruddy good summer they've had, and wanted the edit to follow the upbeat, bright and vintage tone that the original song holds. So with colour filters, films burns and a hell of a lot a childlike smiles, I think I managed to do it.

You may also notice some clips are at a slightly higher bitrate than the others, that's because I shot them myself when I was their AAA super photographer, come roadie, come reviewer. Enjoy!


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