Monday, 14 September 2015

You can't trust a Dave

First we had David Cameron and now Dave McCabe – you can't trust a Dave.

Well, maybe you can trust a Dave, I know a few nice ones – but I'm a little scorned. You see, I made this poster, and it was pretty darn fun to make, I really like it and well it'll never see the light of day.
Dave McCabe has cancelled his tour, thus rendering this poster useless and that makes me sad.

I was actually rather looking forward to seeing him, because he sounded pretty cool but there just mustn't of been the demand, and now he's not coming up north (as they say).

I made the (almost) the whole poster with just the pen tool, it's really a long ass way of doing things but it's really rather fun also. But this is going straight into the vault as it's not really needed, so feast your eyes young one; I won't be needing it.


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