Saturday, 14 November 2015

Building business, building clients

 It's not Will's son, but it is Wilson, building a building.

Mid-Summer I got contacted by my friend named after shaded meat; Graeme (Gray-ham). He runs a business with his father, making, building and breaking things and he wanted to look a little cooler than just a black van and a chin-strap beard.

The brief was to make an amalgamation between street wear, a construction business and the heritage him and his father have—so this was a strange brief for me.  But if it's strange, it's exciting; and damn right you know I enjoyed it.

I've never really created a neat, smart, modern logo before so it was an odd turn for me; but after a tonne of tests, it came out really rather well. I may also add that I will be screen printing these t-shirts, which will be really rather fantastic (might just nick one for myself).


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