Thursday, 5 November 2015

Vin's Cliché Monthly Mix—October '15

Yeah I made a mixtape, and yeah I doubt it makes any sense, but have a listen!

Recently I realised that whilst I work, I have a craving need to have music in the background. It's like a little cheering momento to keep me going through the day. This music tends to dip and dive all over the place depending on what gigs I'd been to that month, the mood I'm in and the ad's that spotify is ramming down my throat.

So to make some kind of output for this, I wanted to make a little mix for two reasons. One for people who might want to just have a casual listen to the music spinning round my head for the last month.
Two; I hope to return to these at some point in my life and be like "Wow, I haven't heard this in ages"

Now; I'm going to make something very clear. I have the best taste in music above any person in the world; literally the best, most correct taste in music that is humanly possible. I even collect vinyl records, so of course me opinion on music is greater than any other person that doesn't have sleeves full of plastic discs. So with all my credentials taken into account, you may or may not like this; but if you don't, then you are clearly wrong because I even like freeform jazz. Yes, jazz. #suchculture

Anyway, now the rules are set, and you are aware I am the overlord of music taste – just like every A-level music student ever – you should get yourself some work to do, and stick my little mix on in the background.

The digital mixes I'm making will be a monthly thing and are starting with the songs I couldn't shift from my head throughout October, and will likely resurface each month due to the fact I consume far too much music on a monthly basis.


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