Thursday, 19 November 2015

Motown and Soul: no Adam, but an Eve

We are on the eve; the eve of the year and the eve of a re-design—but it's not Christmas Eve! You festival bastard!

As you may be aware, I do posters for the Motown evening at The Brickyard. You may also be aware that I do an absolute tonne of posters for those guys, and you may also be aware that I've been doing the Motown posters for what seems forever; so now that we're on the eve of 2015, we are also on the eve of a redesign.

Seeing as I'll be in my final year of university, and after I finish I'll hand the posters onto another designer—I'll be going balls to the wall with the next update, mixing up a little bit of everything, making it feel a little shinier in my poor old withered eyes.

But for this one as a pre-re-design, it's a mixture of influence and the burning desire to have someone upside down on a poster. 
For quite a while now, I've be dying to have some form of image upside down on a poster, and this time, it actually worked! I can now strike 'upside down soul stars' off my poster bucket list, and that does make me a happy little 21 year old.

Returning the note of influence, You may be able to see my Hatch Show Print references, with the overlapping slab serif fonts and rigid structure. All in all, I've slammed together two burning poster desires I've had for a while and somehow they've actually worked! Fantastic!


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