Saturday, 31 October 2015

Vincent Walden's Not-So-Professional Reviews: The Computers

Last night was a mixture confusion, shouting, zoot suits and over extended microphone leads.

Last night, me and my buddy James went out for his birthday; and although it may be actually on Sunday, a gig on a Friday will have to do because I'm home for a Christening this weekend.

We started the night with a trip down to Moo bar (local ale bar), we were served some of finest local ale by out good friend Nathan. Pints finished, we headed to The Brickyard, really super early.

We were there so early, that we even managed to catch sound check. Of course to me, hearing the sound check of Colt 45 wasn't all that different because I've found myself around them quite a bit recently; but for James, this was a secret event that he'd be snook into—so with just the idea of getting to the yard quicker for the needing of a pee, I'd already made the night a little better.

After a pee, half a pint and a good ol' chin wag with the lads from Colt; they pondered on up to the stage and dived right in with a mildly aggressive "GO" and following heavy punk riff. It was such a strong and fast introduction. It was like being punched so quickly that you forgot that you had be hit square in the jaw with your nose dripping with angst.

So of course I'm going to be bias, as I design for them—but Colt 45 played great, possibly the best performance ever, possibly more memorable than Glastonbury and Woodstock combined. They were so great I could hear their guitars single handedly impregnating ladies and making grown men weep.

So after a half hour set; many law suits on the basis of unplanned pregnancy and a new song; Colt 45 had finished their set and we began to wait for The Computers to embark onto the stage.

Honestly, so much happened whilst The Computers were playing, I may accidentally leave a load of information out, but here goes. The lead singer had a great fondness for singing on the mosh barrier, he had the longest microphone cable on earth, he chipped Andy's lovely new floor, they were all in matching 'zoot suits', they ensued a mosh pit and he repetitively danced with a candle. Sounds mad right?

Well, it was. Half way through we even found ourselves straddled with this man, dancing in circles, whilst he continued singing the chorus. All the while being backed up by the brilliant band, just slightly behind him.

On the note of the band, a large round of  applause to them. The drummer was constantly in high alert and thrashing his hi-hat like a weasel on speed; on his left was the keyboard/guitarist who would switch between the two, whilst the drummer (already with a huge job on his hands) continued to smash fills and provide excellent backing singing. 

What else can I say, The gig was great. I can say that because I was in the audience, but I bet I'd think he (lead singer) was a right wazzack if I had be working that evening. They offered a fantastic set, full of energy and shouting, which you can't go far wrong with in my eyes.

To encapsulate a mixture of punk & rock n' roll is difficult but these guys really pull it off and making one hell of a sound out of it. With that in mind, I urge you, if you find yourself free to go to one of their gigs—you really should. They are described as one of the best live bands, and that really isn't wrong.

As a final note, if you hadn't seen before; I made the poster for the gig also, and I really rather like it.


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