Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Dahmer: possibly the strangest poster to date

If there was ever a rule at the Brampton Road campus, it was that drama posters look terrible – so I wanted to break that, and make it really rather red.

Drama students are as drama students do; they act all the time, shout, scream and make performances about serial killers. Yeah, that seems a little out of place.

Jeffery Dahmer was a serial killer—he was also a paedophile, a rapist and a cannibal. There is little to be celebrated in his life other than the fact it came to and end. Though, this is my view, I feel it is not supported by the dreaded drama students of Carlisle.

I was approached by an old housemate to make them a poster for this performance based around the events of this mans life. I know nothing of their play, and I know little of what it contains but anything that is based around a person with such notoriety as he would surely have to be more serious that the EDL in a Halal abattoir, armed with christianity & bigotry pamphlets.

With a little research it seems only fair to have a strict 'blood' colour palette and a selection of dismembered bodies. I was going to have 17 different body parts on the poster, to reflect the amount of people that died at the hands of this man; but as you'd imagine it looked like a crowded prop department after reaching around 12.

With a mixture of blood, body parts, terrible hand writting and the disgusting 'Stanwix Theatre' logo I feel that this poster is quite a success. Two pats on the back for Mr. Walden. 


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