Thursday, 15 October 2015

I walked the line

Vincent, we need a poster. I've been told you are the man to come to and we need it quickly.

That's what I was confronted with yesterday; I feel that my A3 notoritity has become somewhat of a signifier for me. I think a name change by depoll might be best option: Vincent Poster Walden

Anyway, an illustrator by the name of Oliver East set a brief for the studios illustrators, with the outcome being exhibited along side his in the gallery space. The exhibition was under the name "Walking the Line" as the brief was that you had to take a journey, only take notes and then recreate the experience you had in a comic style format.

So of course, after weeks of knowing that this would be the outcome, days before they realised they needed a poster; bloody tutors ey'
I'm complaining a lot but I actually really rather liked the project and it's strictly short time scale—it was somewhat of a challenge and I'm always up for a challenge.

You may be looking at it thinking "Why the hell is that text so strange?" well he has strange text in his comics when he is amplifying sounds and noises; and I thought that it looks pretty darn strange (and brilliant)

Overall, really rather happy with the poster and I think it looks rather brilliant in it's place on the wall. 

As a sneak peak; I have a little more for you.

Here I have the first version of the poster I did; the incorrect one by my favourite one. I made the poster exclusively about Oliver East as I was unaware that the other students would be displaying in the exhibition also.

There is little justification for me feeling that this is better than the other poster other than I like the heading text better. I would even argue the other one has a stronger layout, is more legible and works better as a poster; just the rebelling angsty designers in me just wants to go with the inappropriate 'pretty' poster.


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