Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Uma Thursdays: Make William Extinct


A few good buddies and a string of fine artsy farties have clubbed together to start running their own little space for arty and strange things alike—they run by the name of The Fisher Street Collective, and operate out of Carlisle's strangest looking building.

Like anything run by artists, it's full of random crap and great, expressive things; one of those is a film club focusing on particular actors that have made an impact on cinema, and what you just saw is a product of that film club. The club will change through different actors and directors, exposing their best, worst and most notorious films.

For this run of films, it's focusing on the widely eye-spread woman by the name of Uma Thurman; and I rather kindly was asked to do the poster for it. Like any rational person, you think, "well this poster clearly needs to have her eyes spread right across both sides", so that's exactly what I did.

Though there is little I can say that you can't already see; with these posters I'm trying to have a strong typographic feel to them, using a mixture of production techniques and effects to make a poster that has mainly just titles and dates, but can grab you a little more than that terrible 'factory' poster you'd see at a traditional cinema.

Also, Morgan is there because he can be there, alright? MOTHERF*CKER!


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