Monday, 26 October 2015

Vincent Walden's Not-So-Professional Reviews: Lucy Rose

Heavy punk excites me; but soft folk soothes my soul.

Last night, I went to a gig; a folk gig. It's quite unlike me, but it was really rather good.
If you know me, you'll likely know I have a lady friend, and if you know her you'll likely know he has quite a love for Folk music.

If you are any good at joining up the dots, you'll now realise I took her to this last night as a sort of 'thank you' for all the crazy hours she put's in selling people drugs.
No she's not a dealer; well she is, but she works at a pharmacy.

First up we had Billie Marten. She was like a hybrid of Laura Marling, Bon Iver and a farmer's daughter (though I assume all folk artists are born out of agriculture). She was in a green-demin dungaree skirt combo and sang like she was trying her best to not wake her grandma; this is not a criticism.

Her soft spoken words and poetic rhymes made this short set very enticing. She graced the stage with a large smile, a lovely sense of politeness and an armoury of acoustic loveliness.
After a couple of tracks, she covered a Royal Blood track, of which naming isn't all that important; but it is important that I tell you it was brilliant—just like the rest of her songs.

It's a shame only a third of the crowd came to see her, because of a few reasons: She was brilliant and we got free badges.

Second up was Jake Isaac; a 6"4, smiley, handsome sort of bloke—the heartthrob of the entire female audience and this was only made worse that he played a whole song within the crowd. This isn't a problem, he's just a hell of a lot more charming than me and that's a problem.

Not only was he possibly the most handsome man to grace The Brickyard (excluding Andy of course) but he brought along the worlds happiest drummer by the name of Fez. This man could not stop smiling if he tried. It was like watching the sun from the Teletubies smash out a heavy drum fill, except male and real.

Anyway, his set was pretty brilliant and very much upbeat; so just like Billie Marten, well worth coming a little earlier to hear.

Last up; we have the main attraction, the lion in cage and the grand finale – Lucy Rose. She played the hits, she played new songs and she played soulful quiet songs. It was a rollercoaster of emotion and it was really rather brilliant.

Even though her hits have saturated the market, and are all over the radio; they were performed in such passion and with such empathy that they felt like they were played from the heart strings of her beautiful acoustic guitar.

Overall, I have little more I can say. Both myself and Gaby really enjoyed the gig. It was fantastic and it was a very nice way to escape all the stress I've got pushing on my Third Year shoulders right now.

p.s. apologies for the lack of weekly posts recently, I'm working on two long deadline projects so it's hard to post up any work from them because they are all really rather rough at the moment.


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