Thursday, 14 August 2014

Beautiful glyphs that I bet you've never used! #1

All of about two hours ago I had an idea when day dreaming of one of my favourite glyphs.
I was thinking about how nice it looked but I honestly had no idea what it's used for, or even how to access it on my PC keyboard.

§ – You may recognise this symbol if you've ever used a mac, as it was about the very first thing I did on one. You find yourself endlessly spawning this strange 's' all over your work because it looks nothing like what you've used in your 20 years of life.

The symbol shown is the "section sign" or "section glyph" and until a few hours ago, I thought it was lovely but had no idea what it was used for. So if you find yourself in this predicament of keyboard spamming on your trusty mac, I hope this little poster will help you understand what that wicked cool 's' actually is.

For the style, I used a starting point of my current favourite colour PANTONE P 1-14 C or to anyone outside of the design world of colour obsession; yellow.
When I saw the harsh faded black, I instantly thought of The Ha├žienda branding and it just took me from there. I will continue this like an over excited school boy in a sweet shop, so stay tuned.


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