Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sketchbookin' ain't nothin'

I hope you are loving the terrible grammar in the title of this post, because I've been listening to Hip Hop, non-stop for the past few days and it had to make it into my blog at some point.
Over these holidays – which seems to be lasting forever – I've been keeping myself as busy as possible for two reasons, to improve and to avoid the ailment known as 'netflixitus', so as every good designer would, I attacked my sketchbook with my pens as often as possible.

I featured this double spread because it's the only one with completely legible text upon it, and I quite like the blackletter font I was working on, on the right hand side. Wait, a blackletter style font in brown? FONTCEPTION!

But this is where my third Moleskine sits currently. A half empty double spread with a brush script style that I working on mastering, with a very true quote "I'm filling this book too fast" which wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't a Moleskine fanboy, and they aren't cheap.

Anyway, I'm having a nice holiday (even if it's seeming too long) and I've kept myself busy with posters, self-initiated things, zines and my sketchbooks. I hope you are having a nice time too, and if you are a course buddy, see you soon!


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