Monday, 18 August 2014

Motown & Soul strikes again!

Once again I've done the poster for Carlisle's premium Motown & Soul evening, and this time I think it looks even better than the rest. This time I realised I hadn't thrown enough Women into the mix – which I really should of – because they were the absolute shining star of the Motown movement.

So I couldn't of picked a better image to use. Of course, I got a brilliant and beautiful image of the Supremes, who are arguably the most famous and successful act to record under the Motown label.

To start the poster, I altered the image with a blue colour overlay; which added a little style and removed it from being the original raw image which is so famous that it would distract from the poster itself, due to it's recognition from fame. I then decided to start to distress the image, to make it look like the age the image should be, which really worked and added to the style I wanted to portray.

I followed a similar style of typography structure for this poster as the previous to make it link in and hopefully create a brand or running theme. You already know what else I'm likely to babble on about, so I'll show you the poster and save myself the hassle.

Anyway, if you live under a rock or are stupid enough not to look at my posters, there is a Motown & Soul night being hosted at The Brickyard regularly and you should be there, because there is very little music better than this out there. True fact.

Any critique would be very much appreciated.


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